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How blue is Arizona?

How blue is Arizona?

In an election full of uncertainties, the CSPRESS is breaking down the reasons behind this year’s unpredictable election results and what this means for Arizonans.
Claire Geare, Opinion Editor January 15, 2021

Once a Republican stronghold, Arizona's unprecedented shift to blue in this year's tight election has left many Arizonans wondering: what changed? For the first time in twenty-four years, Arizona’s...

Surprisingly high quality sound for the size of this speaker, the Apple Homepod is competition for the Amazon Alexa and the Google Home.

Apple launches new 3.3 inch smart speaker

Siri joins the smart speaker market to compete with Alexa and the Google Assistant.
Zach Valentine, Staff Writer January 14, 2021

Apple just released a new smart speaker, to compete with Amazon and Google, called the Homepod mini and it primarily focuses on sound quality. Despite the size of the speaker only being 3.3 inches tall,...

PS5 hits online shops

Ava Rhodes, Staff Writer January 14, 2021

With an online-only launch on Thursday, November 12, Sony released the PS5 with prices starting at $399 for the digital version, and $499 for the disc version. “I want the PS5 so bad. I mostly want...

Judy Silva, a sophomore, enjoys one of Starbucks drinks, the Caramel Cookie Bar Frappuccino from their secret menu.

“Secret” menu items offer hidden options

Erika Potter, Staff Writer January 14, 2021

Taco Bell: The Incredible Hulk This mashup takes one of Taco Bell’s five-layer burritos and swaps out the nacho cheese for guacamole. Then it’s covered in their signature lava sauce. This one is definitely...

Eating healthy during the holidays

Paul Wernes, Travel Editor January 14, 2021

During the holidays it can be easy to eat an excessive amount of food, however there are ways to stay healthy. According to a study done by the New England Journal of Medicine, the average American’s...

COVID-19 raises questions on safety of holiday travel

Michael Kaegi, News Editor January 14, 2021

As COVID-19 begins to spread rapidly all over the United States, people are questioning whether or not it will be safe to travel this holiday season to see their friends and family. Over the past few...

Battle of the slopes

Battle of the slopes

Snowbowl, located in Flagstaff, is one of the ski resorts that Arizona has to offer.
Owen Taylor, Staff Writer January 14, 2021

While Arizona is known for its deserts, northern Arizona is covered in snowy mountains. The Snowbowl in Flagstaff and Sunset up on the rim are Arizona’s most popular slopes. “My friends and I enjoy...

Mackenzie Zoerb, a senior, looks for the perfect new addition to her room decor. Zoerb decorates her bedroom every year for the holidays. “I love getting new decorations because it alwys puts me in the spirit,” said Zoerb.

Getting into the spirit

Judy Silva, Staff Writer January 14, 2021

Christmas has arrived and all of Cave Creek is glowing at night. “I’ve been putting up Christmas decorations ever since I could remember, so probably around 30 years,” said Zeb Schnorr, a parent...

Best foot forward

Best foot forward

Different shoe trends resurface as brands diversify their selection
Peyton Marinelli, Staff Writer January 14, 2021

Recently, old brands such as Nike and Doc Martens have made a comeback in today’s fashion. Influencers and celebrities have a huge impact on what becomes trending, especially in teens. Nike Air Force...

Making a monochromatic fashion statement

Style of single colored outfits emerges among teens because of celebrity influence.
Laynee Smith, Staff Writer January 14, 2021

Monochrome styling has recently become fashionable, with many high end magazines featuring photos of models wearing different shades of one color. According to the style blog, stylishly me, the word “monochromatic”...

Gianna Lazzaro, a junior, layers a lace long sleeve under a simple black t-shirt. She often layers shirts and sweaters to add dimension to outfits and keep warm. “I love layering because you can be so versatile with it,” said Lazzaro.

A way to look cool in the cold: layering clothes

Sarah Love, Staff Writer January 14, 2021

As the weather gets colder, students find fashionable ways of layering their clothes to keep warm. “I layer clothes to stay warm, for comfort, and style, I really like layering turtlenecks under sweatshirts...

The Eddy makes a splash

Paul Wernes, Travel Editor January 14, 2021

The Eddy, an art gallery and gift shop in Cave Creek, opened on September 19 and it has become a hit in a matter of days. In addition to a gallery and gift shop, food trucks gather there every Saturday. “This...

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