U.S. election impacts the globe

David Lane, Staff Writer

This November, Americans voted to replace Donald Trump with Joe Biden as President of the United States. This has led to speculation on how the rest of the world will react to Biden in office as opposed to his predecessor.

Kaylee Black, a junior said, “I think that over these past four years our country has become more divided on both sides, Republicans and Democrats. People are quick to judge each other on their political ideology making it much harder to communicate. This shows other countries America is a divided nation and needs a unifying leader.”

With a new president, new economic changes will also come to the nation. The Union Bank of Switzerland, an investment company and posted an article on its website detailing how its investors collectively think the United State’s economy will be affected by the winner of the election. The article stated, “A Blue Wave, for example, would likely benefit assets exposed to energy efficiency, smart mobility, and renewables both in the US and abroad.”

Over the last decade, Russia and China have become much more prominent talking figures among politicians in America and across the world. Many people in support of Trump believe China and Russia are threats to American democracy and its position as the leading global power.

Kristin Margalit, an English professor at ASU, who specializes in teaching students from across the world said, “Russia would prefer to deal with Trump and there may be some immediate contention towards the Biden administration and changes that will affect Russian diplomacy negatively. China, however, will respond very positively to Biden. He projects a willingness to honor agreements with China that Trump had been contesting.”

Biden’s victory has caused many European citizens to express their support. The BBC posted a chart from Pew Research Center showing that 32% of UK citizens have confidence in Trump, and 13% of German citizens had faith in Trump.

“I think it’ll change significantly as the current president of Mexico is dealing with corruption within its government. The president obviously wants to make Mexico better so I think he’ll strive to have better relations with America in order to better his own country. Biden, being much more experienced in dealing with foreign leaders and also being less aggressive will most likely appeal to Mexico,” said

The decision voters made to choose Biden as our next President will not only affect Americans but Mexicans too. The Trump administration spent billions of dollars to build a wall in order to keep out drugs and illegal immigrants from entering the US. Biden has sworn to stop construction on the wall once he becomes president, according to the Center for Immigration Studies.