PS5 hits online shops

Ava Rhodes, Staff Writer

With an online-only launch on Thursday, November 12, Sony released the PS5 with prices starting at $399 for the digital version, and $499 for the disc version.

“I want the PS5 so bad. I mostly want it to play spider man and I’m super excited for the 120 frames per second,” said Jacob Ong, a junior.

The Console allows for 120 frames per second, compared to the PS4’s 60, meaning it puts out 60 more pictures every second, making games look smoother. This feature is only accessible on a 120hz monitor or tv.

“I think it’s really really impressive that the PS5 can have a constant 60 frames per second and can reach up to 120 frames per second, but from what I’ve heard from PC gamers is that they say it’s impressive, but nothing new,” said Brett Lineburg, a history teacher.

The DualSense, Playstation’s name for the new controller, has new adaptive triggers. These triggers create a resistance when pushing down on them, to allow for a more immersive experience. Mimicking the feeling of whatever is being done in game through the triggers is the main purpose.

“The adaptive trigger sounds cool, but if it makes me play bad in Call Of Duty then I’m turning it off,” said Dylan Lies, a junior.

Backwards compatibility, a feature that Microsoft has had on the Xbox One for years, is one of the new features Sony added on the PS5. Just insert a PS4 disc into the disc version of the PS5 and the system will recognize the game and allow it to be played. The disc dive in the PS5, like the PS4, doubles as a Blu-Ray player.

“I had an Xbox One and it was backwards compatible, so when I found out the PS5 was going to be backwards compatible, I got pretty excited,” said Ong.

The new interface on the PS5 is similar to the PS4’s. The long horizontal line of games and apps on the home screen from the PS4 is back on the PS5, but with rounded edges. PlayStation also added a new sign on screen and some new home screen music that can be toggled on or off.

“I am happy I will not have to learn a new software interface when I somehow finally manage to get my PS5,” said Ong.

The box includes the PS5, DualSense controller, HDMI cable, power cable, USB-C cable, instructions, and a stand. Because of the PS5’s curved design, Sony made a stand to keep the console from wobbling while it is horizontal. The stand included with the disc and digital version of the consoles are different.