Opinion: Electoral college helps bridge the gaps in democracy

Max Hancock, Global News Editor

In recent years, the Electoral College has become a heated topic of discussion with loads of controversy surrounding it. While many advocate for the repeal of the Electoral College, the Electoral College is one of the most important processes of the presidential election and an essential concept of democracy within the United States.

Formed for two main reasons, the Electoral college was made to create a buffer between population and the selection of the President and to structure the government in a way that gave extra representation to the smaller states.

The Electoral College’s structure encourages presidential candidates to form policy that will appeal to citizens from all over the nation, not just homogeneous population centers such as Los Angeles and New York. Candidates are forced to appeal to citizens from a variety of backgrounds and cultures in the majority of states.

Mob Rule is the idea that 51 percent of the population could tyrannize the other 49 percent of the population. This is why the Electoral College is so important, it protects the rights of minorities and brings a voice to those who may be underrepresented in the nation. Mob Rule is only possible through a popular vote which would ultimately tyrannize the United States.

As Alexander Hamilton, a founding father of America, said in the Federalist Papers, “Real Liberty is neither found in despotism or the extremes of democracy, but in moderate governments.”

While the Electoral College is an effective system of democracy, it has its few flaws. Only five times in the history of this nation has the President of the United States lost the popular vote. People argue that this is an abominable system that misrepresents the American people.

If elections were strictly on population, entire states would be misrepresented and have their rights and appeals skipped over. The Electoral College is the most legitimate system of Democracy and acts as an almost perfect way to elect the most important position in America.