Getting into the spirit


Miah Thirion

Mackenzie Zoerb, a senior, looks for the perfect new addition to her room decor. Zoerb decorates her bedroom every year for the holidays. “I love getting new decorations because it alwys puts me in the spirit,” said Zoerb.

Judy Silva, Staff Writer

Christmas has arrived and all of Cave Creek is glowing at night.

“I’ve been putting up Christmas decorations ever since I could remember, so probably around 30 years,” said Zeb Schnorr, a parent who loves to decorate.

2020 has proven that even with a pandemic, Christmas decorations will still make an appearance. Small and big houses alike go all out for this festive holiday. From giant snowmen to small figurines there are plenty of items to choose from that will spice up any house, inside and out.

For a classic indoor decoration such as a Christmas tree, prices range from about 60 dollars up to 1,000 dollars depending on the height. Target sells a multitude of affordable miniature Christmas trees and full size ones as well. They do not sell real Christmas trees.

If a real Christmas tree is preferred, many stores open up that allow customers to walk around and choose their own real tree. Some Christmas decorations can be used inside or outside such as Christmas lights. Lights become more expensive as the length gets longer, most 59 feet lights cost about 35 dollars at Walmart. There are places, besides big businesses, to buy Christmas decorations at cheaper prices.

“I like to get new christmas decorations from Goodwill because it’s affordable and there is a huge variety,” said Alaina Rosas, a junior.

When decorations get worn down they tend to lose their color and look a little off compared to when first bought. Instead of throwing them away they can be donated to places such as Goodwill for others to buy. Some people don’t mind the wear and tear and may not have access to higher end products. Others often look forward to showing off their impressive decorations every year. A genuine concern for many people is thieves stealing their decorations.

“I recommend having cameras outside to prevent your decorations from being stolen,” said Brielle Anderson, a sophomore.

Cameras will not only scare off potential thieves, but also can record what the suspect looks like. This will decrease the likelihood of someone trying to steal your Christmas decorations.

Decorating for Christmas is a yearly thing that many people look forward to participating in.