Battle of the slopes

Snowbowl, located in Flagstaff, is one of the ski resorts that Arizona has to offer.

Owen Taylor, Staff Writer

While Arizona is known for its deserts, northern Arizona is covered in snowy mountains. The Snowbowl in Flagstaff and Sunset up on the rim are Arizona’s most popular slopes.

“My friends and I enjoy going up to Flagstaff to snowboard. We go as many times as we possibly can during the winter season. It is close to home and a great mountain to ski,” said Andrew Barab Shed, a snowboarder.

The Snowbowl

Located seven miles north of Flagstaff. The Snowbowl ski area covers approximately one percent of the San Francisco Peaks, and its slopes face west and northwest. According to the Official Tourism Site of Flagstaff Arizona, the Snowbowl is a 777 acre piece of land that gets approximately 108 inches of snow per winter season.

The price of tickets depends on the day of the week. Tickets on the weekends are almost double of what tickets are in the middle of the week. Prices range from $99 to $45. The Snowbowl can be expensive, especially if gear needs to be bought.

“I have my own gear so it is relatively cheap for me to go snowboarding. Renting gear can be very expensive and that is why I ended up buying my own. Buying my own gear has saved me hundreds of dollars,” said Dillion Iserhott, a snowboarder.

Renting gear

Can cost from $25 to $70, depending on what skiing or snowboard gear is bought.

Another place to go snowboarding and skiing is in Sunrise Park Resort, which is located in Greer, Arizona. Due to COVID-19, the protocols for this years winter season are different than what they have been in the past.

Sunrise Park Resort

“I am looking forward to Sunrise because it is a new mountain for me. I have been to Flagstaff in the past, but it is always too crowded. Sunrise is further away, but I think it will be worth the drive. COVID-19 is going to change my experience but I am alright with that,” said Bear Lundquist, a snowboarder.

All Sunrise Park Resort guests will be required to wear a face covering. Due to COVID-19 regulations, guests must pre-purchase lift tickets, lessons and rentals in advance. According to Sunrise Park Resort, guests are requested to maintain six feet physical distance from other people at all times in the resort. Guests who arrive together will be allowed to ride lifts together. Otherwise seat capacity will be limited to two riders one at each side of the chair.

The only way to buy tickets this year is by pre-purchasing. Sunrise Park Resort will be carefully managing the number of skiers and snowboarders able to enjoy the resort daily, based on the amount of terrain and lifts open to achieve physical distancing.

Season passes for Sunrise Park Resort range from $100 to $560. The super senior pass is the cheapest, while the adult pass in the most expesive. Season passes are non-refundable unless the Pass Refund Option is selected and paid for at the time of the pass purchase.

The Snowbowl and Sunrise Park Resort are among the most well known ski resorts in Arizona.