Apple launches new 3.3 inch smart speaker

Siri joins the smart speaker market to compete with Alexa and the Google Assistant.


Philip Tate

Surprisingly high quality sound for the size of this speaker, the Apple Homepod is competition for the Amazon Alexa and the Google Home.

Zach Valentine, Staff Writer

Apple just released a new smart speaker, to compete with Amazon and Google, called the Homepod mini and it primarily focuses on sound quality.

Despite the size of the speaker only being 3.3 inches tall, it takes up almost the entire room with 360-degree audio. The mini size of it was designed to fit in any part of the house. It can be connected to personal devices through bluetooth and is also connected to Siri. The Homepod mini can also connect to an Apple TV.

The Homepod mini starts at $99. The top of the speaker, where the volume is changeable, is a touch screen. Homepod mini comes in white or space grey. To connect a phone to the speaker all that is needed is to hover the phone over the speaker. The Homepod can be paired with another, creating a stereo pair, giving it an immersive soundstage.  Also coming soon are personalized listening suggestions that will automatically appear on the iPhone when it is held up next to the Hompod mini.

A Christmas gift for anyone in the family that is looking for a smart speaker with good audio quality would be the Homepod min. It can clearly play music at max volume and even if a question needs to be answered, ask the homepod mini and Siri will answer.

Features are software-based and updated as Apple sees fit on both the Homepod and the Homepod mini. Also, the Homepod mini it can send voice messages to other Apple devices that are at home. The Homepod mini doesn’t work for Android or Samsung users. Since it is an Apple device it only connects and works with other Apple devices.