A way to look cool in the cold: layering clothes


Miah Thirion

Gianna Lazzaro, a junior, layers a lace long sleeve under a simple black t-shirt. She often layers shirts and sweaters to add dimension to outfits and keep warm. “I love layering because you can be so versatile with it,” said Lazzaro.

Sarah Love, Staff Writer

As the weather gets colder, students find fashionable ways of layering their clothes to keep warm.

“I layer clothes to stay warm, for comfort, and style, I really like layering turtlenecks under sweatshirts or a sweater,” said Gianna Lazzaro, a junior.

Layering clothes is not only another way to keep warm in these chillier months, but it is also another way to replenish a wardrobe without spending tons of money. This trend not only keeps one warm, but adds more dimension and shape to an outfit. It also helps to keep some favorite summer and spring pieces present throughout the fall and winter seasons.

“Some basics I would recommend for those that are wanting to start layering are definitely a white tee shirt or a black tee shirt, depending if you want to wear something white over it, and for long sleeves, I know a lot of people like wearing striped shirts underneath, so I would recommend that, if that’s kind of your style. Or just any basic shirt that you can get your hands on will be great because you’ll find an outfit for it,” said Molly Scaccia, a senior.

White tee shirts, sweatshirts, any color of long sleeve shirts, sweaters, jackets, and flannels are just a few of the things that almost everyone already has in their closet. There are many different ways to wear these articles of clothing, turning something basic into something just a little bit more eye-catching. Wearing a jacket or flannel over a sweatshirt for the colder weather, or a thin long sleeve under a short sleeve or sweater vest for the warmer weather. There are multiple combinations to be made with these pieces alone.

“Free People is one of my favorite brands and I love to shop at Nordstrom Rack because they have all kinds of clothes and they always have really good deals,” said Traci Warriner.

While it is possible to find something to layer with at every store, there are some stores that have especially good pieces. Stores like Free People, Anthropology, Urban Outfitters, and Nordstrom Rack have a very broad selection to choose from, everything from basics to statement pieces. Free People, Anthropology, and Urban Outfitters may be on the pricier side, these brands can be found at cheaper stores such as Nordstrom Rack, Tilly’s, and if you are lucky, thrift stores. Layering is a concept that may seem confusing at first, but once the right pieces are obtained, it is a free-for-all for fashion.