New teacher brings new life to science


Cait Bunkers

Lending a hand, Christy Higgins helps a student understand a new concept. Higgins was a new addition to the staff this year.

Kaitlyn Pinkham, Staff Writer

Christy Higgins is a new teacher to the school this year who is teaching a new subject, environmental science.

“Mrs. Higgins teaches biology and AP Environmental Science. I like Environmental Science a lot, it’s very fun and easy to do without the work being too difficult,” said Reese Kaiser, a junior.

Higgins has been teaching for 20 years and previously taught at Mountain Trail Middle School and Desert Mountain High School. She attended Arizona State University and got her degree in Conservation Biology, and her masters degree in teaching. She has formerly taught biology, but this will be her first time teaching environmental science, however she has covered many of the topics in the course before.

She also has two children, a daughter in fourth grade and a son in sixth grade who both attend schools in the Paradise Valley School District. She plans to bring them both to Cave Creek next year, however. Her son plays football and she enjoys attending his games and taking him to practice. Some of Higgin’s hobbies outside of teaching include dirt biking, quading, and exploring Arizona with her family. She enjoys going out into the desert and shooting, doing target practice.

“I’m an outdoorsy girl, when we can I love to go camping with my family,” said Christy Higgins, an environmental science teacher.

She loves watching movies, especially horror ones, with her daughter. Some of her other favorite movies to watch with her daughter include Grease and Dirty Dancing. She also enjoys the NBC original show, This Is Us ongoing since 2016.

Higgins has a dog and a cat, and she also just recently got a new kitten. She enjoys playing with her animals and taking them for walks.

“Mrs. Higgins is very interesting and usually has something funny to say every day, I always look forward to her class,” said Maryn Johnson, a junior.

Higgins is also very into essential oils. She would love to have that business on the side, however teaching and planning takes up most of her time. In the future, she would also like to get involved with clubs on campus, such as Science Club or Environmental Earth clubs.

“I’m constantly planning for my two classes, it feels like I’m always working,” said Higgins.

However, Higgins loves teaching and her job. She wants to teach for the long haul and even through the pandemic, she is optimistic and loves what she does.

“I love teaching, I want to do it forever,” said Higgins.

Higgins very much enjoys teaching at Cactus Shadows. She loves the students and thinks the staff is very kind, and she loves how highly academic it is.