Senior athletes share memories from previous seasons

Sarah Love, Staff Writer

As senior athletes approach their last semester of high school, many will be playing competitively for the last time. 

2020 has been a challenging year for athletes and, as the virus continues to rage across the state, it may spill over into 2021. In the worst case scenarios, seasons have been cancelled completely. But even if a sport is allowed to continue, the safety measures taken can really affect the level of participation. Exposure to the virus can cause much of the team to quarantine, as happened earlier this year to the football team.

There is so much uncertainty in the world due to COVID-19, and many athletes have only hope to hold onto. Senior year is the last chance most kids will get to play their sports competitively. Not only is it harder to get into college sports, but life becomes extremely busy, and they are adjusting to college.  Most kids will not have the time to be committed to sports.  

“I’m really excited for my senior season, I am really hoping that it’s going to happen,” said Dean Silverman, soccer player.

Coaches are also under pressure to provide the best experience for their students, while maintaining strict safety protocols. The best high school coaches do way more than lead their athletes towards the common goal of the team, they provide life long lessons and memories to cherish forever. They help players become the best version of themselves by helping with mindset, self-esteem, and teaching them to get back up when being knocked down. 

“I hope to keep in contact with my players, always welcome them back to see how they have had an impact in growing the sport at the school,” said Tim Jones, girls Lacrosse Coach. 

While most athletes show up every day to become better at their chosen sport, most will agree that being on a team is not just about playing the game and becoming a better play.

“I would say some of my favorite memories are the games where you go into it not really knowing how it’s going to turn out, but everyone’s still playing their best and works together,”  said Lindsay Koch, a lacrosse player. “I’ll definitely miss the people on the team and being a part of something that’s one for all, all for one kind of a thing.”

As seniors exit the high school stage, the memories created by being a member of a team can  last a lifetime.