In defense of Joe Biden

Joe Biden is the only candidate that makes sense to vote for this November. Biden is better than Trump in almost every way.
Biden has a plan to help fight climate change, while Trump has nothing to say about the matter but that it’s fake and how the green new deal will “destroy the economy.” Trump doesn’t want to do anything to stop climate change because his base has a higher percentage of climate change deniers. Trump has been attacking Biden for supporting the Green New Deal, which isn’t true, as Biden has his own separate plan that has some similar ideas, but is not the same. While Biden’s plan isn’t perfect, it is better than no plan or pretending it doesn’t exist.
Trump has been spreading lies and misinformation throughout his presidency, and shows no signs of stopping.This comes in the form of claiming news sources are “fake news,” retweeting blatantly false information on Twitter, and the constant stream of lies coming from his kids and those close to him. Trump divides the country by deciding what is and isn’t true just based on what his base would like, and that is not someone who would ever be in office. Biden has said things that aren’t true before, but unlike Trump he usually gets corrected and apologizes for it. These minor missteps are incomparable to the amount of false information Trump spreads everyday.
COVID-19 is one of the worst pandemics in American history, and Trump is one of the sole reasons it got so bad. Over 215,000 people have died from COVID-19 so far, and the death toll continues to rise. Trump’s downplay of the virus has led to businesses opening earlier than they should, and an increase of deaths. He constantly downplayed it and kept saying that it was like a flu and was”going away,” but that blatantly ignores science.
Additionally, Biden supports many already popular policies, such as decriminalizing marijuana and abolishing the death penalty.
While Biden is not as progressive as many want him to be, he is still the best choice on the ballot as he believes scientists, supports popular policies, and does not spread misinformation.