In defense of Donald Trump

As election day approaches, many Americans are unsure of who they want to vote for this November, but Trump is the only candidate that will keep America strong during these unprecedented times, and fight for the rights of the American people.
Although Joe Biden is up by a few percentage points in the polls, those numbers tend to be inaccurate, and didn’t reflect the past presidential election where Trump won even though Hillary Clinton led most of the race. The extremely close race has some people uncertain of who they should vote for, but if they want to have strong leadership with a booming economy by putting the American people first, Trump should be their only choice.
Throughout the last four years, Trump has faced backlash and challenges unlike most presidents have ever seen, and overall, has fought an uphill battle against the people who disagree with his policies. Even though he has said and done some questionable things, he has been able to improve the quality of life in America for middle and lower class families and provide a stronger leadership than Obama in the last four years than he did in his eight year term.
Under Trump’s administration, we had one of the strongest economies in our nation’s history up until the pandemic hit, and now it is bouncing back as fast as it fell. He was also able to cut taxes for American families, adding about $4000 to their overall income, improving their financial stability and making 56% of Americans feel safer now than they did four years ago.
While some people disapprove of Trump because of his demeanor and persona that he portrays during his briefings and press conferences, others look past that and focus on what he has accomplished to make life sustainable for the middle and lower class by having the strongest economy in our nation’s history until the pandemic hit.
Many politicians from the left believe his handling of the pandemic has been weak and downplayed, including Joe Biden, who has his own plan to fight COVID-19, which is already similar to what is being done in most of the country. If Biden was president, much more than 215,000 people would be dead from the virus, since he believed that Trump closing the border to China in January was “xenophobic and racist.” Without the closure, COVID-19 would have spread far more rapidly across America, causing many more deaths to occur, with reduced access to masks, ventilators, and ICU beds.
President Trump made sure that everyone who needed a ventilator received one, and that masks were being distributed rapidly, so we could reopen the country safely and improve the economy, which it has been tremendously. Under Biden’s plan, we would still be under mandated lockdowns nationwide, with a struggling economy leaving thousands without a job, and many people suffering from mental health issues having to be cooped up inside their homes.
While Trump may not always be the most polite person, he is tough and will fight for the American people to provide them the most opportunities under the strongest economy our nation has ever seen.