District works to keep students and staff safe from Coronavirus


Miah Thirion

Doreen Decker, Health Assistant, takes a student’s temperature.

Sarah Love
staff writer
As the cases of COVID-19 rapidly increase, the school community works hard to keep the environment safe.
“I think the school is doing well with lunch and having different lunch periods, because I remember how hectic and crowded it was with the lines and stuff,” Tess Dobiesz, a senior.
One tactic the school employed was to create two lunch periods. By splitting the lunch into two smaller groups, Lunch A and Lunch B, the administration hopes to support more social distancing by lessening the overall mob of students that are in one place at the same time. Less people during lunch,means smaller groups, with shortened and more contained lines, which in the long run will help to contain the spread of COVID-19 among students and staff.
“I think the school is doing all they can do with the materials that we have, I think that if we had donations of more materials, whether it’s disinfectants, or shields for the desks, and maybe even staggered classes, that could all be very helpful,” said Teresa LaSalle, a Health and Fitness teacher.
With more materials, the school could have a higher chance of staying open for the students to expand their knowledge in the presence of teachers and peers. The students and teachers are using the resources provided to them to keep the school clean and safe, which means wiping down desks, using hand sanitizer, spreading students out to the best of their ability, and practicing social distancing during lunch and passing period, while also keeping track of where each student sits.
“I definitely think it is more worrisome for people, it kind of provides them with that one other element that they have to worry about besides their actual work, so when you’re in school your mind kind of taken off the fact that the main purpose you’re here is to learn and grow as a person so you’re not able to concentrate as well,” said Conner Lundberg, a sophomore.
In these current circumstances, it can be hard to learn and absorb the information given when there is a constant worry about what is going on around. Whether it’s someone not wearing their mask correctly, coughing, or even one of the distractions that would usually occur during a normal school year, learning which should be the number one priority at school, becomes even more of a challenge the students and teachers are faced with.