Pac-12 colleges make changes to football season

Pac-12 colleges around the United States delayed play until early November due to COVID-19. Due to the virus, the teams will have a shortened season.
Some Pac-12 teams have been restricted from play because of individual state rules, such as Oregon and California.
The biggest issue is getting all the teams to play because of the restrictions, they all need to start on the same date.
The football season can start if the state guidelines and protocols are met.
“The NFL and high schools are playing so I don’t see why colleges can’t take the same precautions they are and play,” said Tate Andrus, a varsity football player.
Main concerns upon returning to play are consistent testing capabilities across all Pac-12 universities, the prevalence of the virus in Pac-12 communities as well as nationally, and concerns related to possible cardiac conditions being associated with COVID-19.
Fans will not be allowed to any sporting event on Pac-12 campuses, and that will not be looked into until January next year.
“It’s weird playing with little to know fans at a game of scrimmage, I couldn’t imagine playing college football without the roaring crowd,” said Mason Benvenuto, a varsity football player.
According to CBS Sports, the reason why the Big 10 are playing is because they were already ready to go, going by the 12 hour weekly limit set by the NCAA.
Along with the announcement of football starting, women’s and men’s basketball will start play on November 25th.