Senior splash dives deep into college prep

On Wednesday, September 23rd, college representatives from Grand Canyon University, Northern Arizona University, University of Arizona, Arizona State University, and Paradise Valley Community College attended a virtual meeting to answer seniors’ questions about college scholarships.
“We enjoyed seeing people’s faces, so that was one hard thing about changing the format, but there were some positives. There were more sessions because students watched the content videos in class that allowed us to use the whole time on Wednesday to answer questions,” said Melissa Beverly, the Academic Counselor.
Due to COVID-19, counselors could not show up in person to talk face to face with students. Instead, they created slideshows with voiceovers that simulated them being in class.
“Personally, it wasn’t very helpful because I already have a majority of my college applications complete,” said Robert Lohmeier, who plans on attending the Naval Academy to study Nuclear Engines.
Students watched videos related to college admissions, scholarships, requesting official transcripts, and letters of recommendation.
“I thought Senior Splash was pretty informational. I definitely have more personal questions for my counselor. Still, overall, with the circumstances that they were given, it was pretty good,” said Chance Taskey, who plans on going to ASU to study Cybersecurity.
Due to COVID-19, many scholarships, admissions requirements, and financial aid qualifications have changed, causing many seniors to question what scholarships to apply for, when applications open, and how to swallow the bill.
“Counselors are here to help support students in planning for their future. They don’t need to have it all figured out right now, but they should begin to take steps and keep their options open,” said Beverly.
Seniors can email their assigned counselor to set up meetings to discuss students’ personal needs and college challenges, or the counselors are open to walk-in visits.