Update on COVID-19 at ASU

COVID-19 cases at Arizona State University continue to rise, despite all of the precautions the school has been taken to prevent the virus from spreading.
According to ASU’s official COVID-19 management website, the cases at ASU are currently at 1,753. Considering that the university has not been open for many in-class lectures, it is hard to pinpoint where all of the cases are coming from.
“I think that the COVID-19 cases are rising because ASU is known as a party school. I don’t think the kids are not partying, so the cases are going up,” said Kal-el Goff, a junior.
ASU is known for having parties, and it does not seem like the administration is doing anything to prevent them from going on. This could be contributing to the cases because there would be many people in such close quarters.
However, it seems that the university is doing what they can in order to try and get the COVID-19 cases down. Though if they continue to rise, further precautions should be taken at ASU.
“I think that the dorms should be closed, and that’s pretty much it, because it’s very hard to control people in college,” said Alyssa Wong, a student at ASU.
Having the dorms open for the students to stay creates more opportunity for COVID-19 to spread. Even if the majority of students followed the rules, it only takes one to start the spread of COVID-19 to many others.
The dorms in universities are generally crowded since they house a majority of the students that are attending that school. This would mean there would be a lot of interaction between the students, which could potentially raise the probability of getting COVID-19.
ASU has recently opened back up for in-class lectures, and people are conflicted as to how safe it is to still have them.
Not everyone wants to go straight back into the in-class lectures. Some may have a health problem or someone close to them does, and it is not worth the risk. To compensate for these people ASU allows students to choose if they would like to stay fully online or have their in-class lectures.
“I think that it can be if there are capacity limits on classes and if the six feet apart rule still applies by closing off some of the seats,” said Danny Connon, a junior.
In order for the school to keep these in-class lectures going, they have to take many safety precautions. Considering how large classes are in universities, there is a higher risk for the spread of COVID-19.
An indirect way that this problem is being solved is by the many people who are continuing in taking online classes. There are many ways in which the university could help prevent the spread of COVID-19, but in the end there is only so much that can be done. COVID-19 has caused society to completely change from what it used to be.
ASU has changed many things in order to conform to the rules and regulations that are provided by the government officials. There’s only so much a university or government can do, so in the end it’s really up to the students to help bring down the COVID-19 cases.