How a person’s upbringing shapes who they are

People’s values and outlooks on the world are shaped by their specific experiences as they grow up in different places with different families. According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information, “Attitudes may be related to cultural beliefs founded in common experience.” Being raised with different cultures, religions, and traditions all show that they have an effect on a person’s experiences, which ultimately, affect their opinions.
“I find myself kind of unique,” said Cesar Rojas, a history teacher. “My parents were very strict, and they grew up poor. They were both born in Mexico and didn’t have an education. They had to be smart about their finances and not trust many people, so they taught me to be smart, tough, and precautious.”
If his parents did not grow up in Mexico with financial struggles, Rojas’s outlook on handling his finances would not have been the same. The way he viewed his parents’ situation affected his decisions towards who he could trust and how he would handle his finances.
Pew Research Center states that families across America are becoming less and less religious as time goes on.
Judy Silva, a junior, agrees that a family’s religion can affect their upbringing.
“I wouldn’t have the same opinion on religion. I think I would have a more spiritual outlook, rather than a factual opinion. Their values started my thinking process,” said Silva.
Gianna Lazzaro, a junior, had a different experience with religion growing up.
“My parents’ values definitely had an effect on my own. I grew up in a very Catholic family, so we have lots of morals,” said Lazzaro.
Lazzaro said that she does not view her parents as strict, but she knows that they always expect her to do the right thing. She believes that her family being so accepting, taught
her to be open minded and respect other people’s beliefs.
“I’m a very open minded person. So many people today think that things should be one specific way, but having respect for everyone’s beliefs is what’s important,” said Lazzaro.
Everyone has their own individual experiences with culture, religion, and traditions. Some families are more forceful than others when imposing their beliefs on their children, but all have an affect.