Microsoft to release new Xbox Series X and S

Later this year, Microsoft will be releasing its next gaming console, the Xbox Series X and Series S.
While the Xbox Series S will be $299 when it launches, the Series X will cost $499 for that extra power and punch. Both will be released on November 10th, with pre-orders available starting September 22nd. It makes sense for Microsoft to launch two consoles, at two price points, much like it has done in the past. And, while the spec differences are obvious, both seem to be very decent machines. The deciding factor will come down to budget for sure.
This will be the most powerful system in the Xbox family, taking the eyes off Xbox One X. They built the Series S as an all digital, next-gen console designed to give gamers everything needed for next generation gaming. These new consoles boast faster load times, higher frame rates, and more dynamic worlds.
Developing two consoles side by side from the beginning allows Microsoft to deliver the most powerful console ever in Xbox Series X and make next-gen gaming available and affordable to more players on day one with Xbox Series S. As for accessories, Xbox One controllers, headsets and other first and third party accessories will work with both new consoles. Microsoft’s game library subscription service will be available on the new consoles when they arrive.