Tech companies face big increases in demand

With a new government “stay-at-home” mandate, the tech industry has been struggling to cope with demand as customers purchase items necessary to work or attend school from home.
“I’ve had to make several purchases including a new monitor within the past few months ever since online school started,” said Ben Sheps, a Junior
Contrary to other industries, tech companies have seen an immense surge in business. However, with this surge of business, these companies are having a hard time keeping up with the demand of items such as webcams, keyboards, and other tech needed to perform work or school from home.
“Ordering from Amazon rather than buying in person is way easier for me anyways, but I feel like Best Buy is always sold out,” said Braden Peters, a sophomore.
To deal with this endeavor, providers such as Best Buy have had to limit the amount of people allowed in their stores. They claim that this is to not only protect the amount of interaction between customers and employees, but it will also help regulate the amount of stock being purchased each day.
With such a sudden shift to an online education and work system, some have even labeled tech providers as an essential business. Although not listed by the government or CDC as an essential working industry, tech providers are responsible for equipping an entire working class with the necessary materials to make a living from home.
“Our landscape has shifted considerably into the online world so having access to technology has become more important. Having access to stores that sell technology is also important. The hours of operation do not need to be as long as they were previously but there should be an appropriate time slot to buy technology and/or get tech help,” said Hoveeg Boyadjian, a math teacher.
With such a surge in profitability, Best Buy, one of the largest Tech stores available to the public has been able to pull themselves out of filing for bankruptcy. If such patterns of demand continues, companies that were once falling apart will be able to become tech giants in the mass distribution of all tech needs.