5G networks are fast and furious

As technology continues to develop, so does network speed and capability. 5G networks are starting to be rolled out by major carriers such as T-Mobile, Verizon, and AT&T.
Not only will 5G be better than 4G but supposedly it is going to be faster than most WiFi networks in the regular household. According to The Wall Street Journal, internet speeds can reach up to 10 times faster than the average WiFi, depending on many conditions.
“I will still probably use WiFi in most cases because I wouldn’t want to take up all the data roaming on 5G just for a little more speed,” said Jacob Ong, a junior.
According to an article posted on the French media site, Fr24news,5G is the gateway into many other technological advances, such as self-driving cars, augmented reality, and more.
Although 5G speeds do sound nice, last summer CNET, a site that specializes in reporting on technology issues, held a 5G speed test around the world. The speed and efficiency of 5G were impressive to tech reviewers, but in some places, it had spotty coverage and limited range.
“My family personally will upgrade to 5G, and we believe it to have way better speeds and a longer cellular range,” said Wyatt Ferguson, a junior.
According to a story published by The Wall Street Journal, 5G can be difficult to use and is constantly being shut off due to the amount of heat in the summer, which may not work well for hotter climates like Arizona.
Supposedly, temperatures that reach above 85 degrees in the phone may not cope well with the network. Networks may often switch back down to 4G LTE. In some tests, people were even using an ice pack or a cooling device to keep the temperature below 85.
Most carrier companies feel that the longer 5G is being tested and used, the more it will improve.
“5G will run the speed tests with numbers never before seen,” said John Sawyerson, an AT&T marketer.
For now, consumers will need to make their own decisions about whether or not it is worth it to upgrade to 5G.