Clubs find new strategies in online school format

Paige Waters, Staff Writer

With school still online due to COVID-19, many students are involved in other after-school activities, such as clubs. Students interested in these clubs before the pandemic had attended their meetings and joined these clubs at school. With students now switching to online, there are many unanswered questions, such as how to join, how it will work online, and  when the meetings are. 

Sophia Barnedo, a junior, created the CSU club this year. The club involves learning about different cultures and other parts of the world through light-hearted and varied topics.

“There are bi-weekly Zoom meetings, and during these Zooms, I read out our agenda on a PowerPoint presentation, and encourage anyone to shoutout if they have an idea or a question,” said Barnedo. 

Society has also turned to social media and the internet to join online clubs. An article written by states that “Communities have not just formed online; they have migrated there. “Real life” book clubs more disciplined than others have already relocated to virtual meeting rooms such as Google Hangouts, or the suddenly ubiquitous video-conferencing platform Zoom.” 

As students and the rest of the community adjust to online clubs, Anika Grochowski, a junior and a member of the CSU online club, says that “If you are wanting to join the club, you can contact the email @[email protected], and the meetings take place from 2:30-3:00/3:30pm, although the day this takes place is still being decided, based on when most of the people can attend.” 

If you are interested in creating your own club, Barnedo has some tips. 

“Take action! Anyone can start a club; it’s all about finding your passion and putting yourself out there. I came up with the idea by really observing our campus and realizing what I could do to help give back. I contacted school officials, wrote up proposals, and that was really all there was to it,” said Barnedo