Schools around the world dealing with COVID-19 differently


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School closures due to COVID-19 around the world as of Sep. 7, 2020.

Countries around the world have had to shut down schools in order to keep their staff and students safe, however, they have done so in different ways.
As soon as scientists started to raise concerns over the looming threat of the virus, schools were closed across the globe.
“My online interaction with my students is limited. I enjoy working with my students in person because I feel they are more comfortable” said Claire Lazzaro, a special education teacher. Almost all schools in the United States are doing online classes. It has been challenging for many teachers to teach their students due to the fact that everything is online. As some schools make students follow a bell schedule from home, this means that students in Arizona can be sitting at their desk for hours a day.
Other countries have taken a different route on teaching because of their circumstances with COVID-19. For example, Denmark became the first Western country to reopen its schools on April 15. When children ages two through 12 returned to school, they were sectioned off into micro groups of twelve. These groups arrive at school at staggered times. They eat lunch separately and have their own zones in the playground. All students are required to wash their hands every two hours but do not have to wear face masks. Desks are divided two meters apart, all education material must be cleaned twice a day and when possible, classes are held outside.
“If this is working for Denmark, I think everyone around the world should try it out too. It may not work due to the amount of cases in certain countries but it is worth a try,” said Courtney Seaback, a senior.
In South Korea, schools have temperature checks at school entrances and require students to wear masks, socially distance, and frequently wash their hands. Some schools are having students come in on alternate days while others have adopted a hybrid in-class and online approach to lessons.
“I believe that South Korea has done a good job keeping their students safe while in school. They did a good job on closing schools early, so they could reopen sooner rather than later,” said William King, a junior.
Each country has taken different actions with going back to school and teaching while at home.