Pandemic affects restaurant prices


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Prices may see an increase in some restaurant menus.

Restaurant prices may see an immense increase as they reopen due to Covid-19. The cost of running a restaurant grows substantially as food rates skyrocket, and needed safety features are added.
Covid-19 has caused several changes to everyday life, and that includes restaurants. Many have had to shut down entirely and have not been able to reopen due to the expenses. For restaurants that are opening back up, customers should expect higher menu prices.
“I don’t mind paying more at a restaurant, and it could probably help them a lot anyway,” said Carter Wilson, a senior.
Food production has seen a surge in prices since it had to shut down last spring. With costs up by 38 percent, the production of food is something that is not coming by easy anymore for restaurants. Meat costs alone are up by almost 80 percent , making it a challenge to obtain. Many restaurants have removed some meat items from their menus because they are unable to afford the expenses.
“We have had to raise our costs slightly to keep up with the higher prices of food shipments and such. It is not something we wanted to do, but something we had to do,” said Mike Torresso, owner of Corner Cafe in Scottsdale.
On top of the increasing food production prices, restaurants will also have to add new safety features to protect against the virus. This includes things like masks for workers or plexiglass. Restaurants also have to lower the occupancy of people in the restaurant to enforce social distancing. All of this means that they will not make nearly as much in profits as they were making before the pandemic.
“I think social distancing at restaurants is pointless, and we should be able to go to a restaurant if we want to,” said Tyler Neuhaus, a senior.
During this pandemic, customers need to support local restaurants as much as possible by trying to eat more locally to help support small businesses. Or donate to places such as the Restaurant Workers’ Community Foundation Covid-19 Emergency Relief Fund, to help the workers who are losing money. Supporting local restaurants during this pandemic is something significant that all should try to do.