Professional leagues announce safety protocols

Leagues all around the world are being as safe as possible by having protocols to keep teams and the leagues safe from the coronavirus. The NBA, MLB, NHL, NFL, and many other professional leagues all are having no fans attending their games to keep COVID-19 away from the players and coaches as much as possible.
According to sports news website Bleacher Report, the NBA approved a 22 team format to resume the NBA regular season, heading into the playoffs. After the first round of the playoffs, players are allowed to bring their families. The NBA resume was held at ESPN’s Wide World of Sports Complex in Lake Buena Vista, Florida, just outside of Orlando. When walking around the vicinity the players, coaches, and staff are required to wear masks to help prevent the spread of the virus.
“I think that what the NBA and the players, and coaches, and staff are doing is great because playing basketball is how these players get paid and cancelling their season over some virus and cutting their pay-checks isn’t right,” said Joey Liberio, a sophomore.
The MLB is doing the exact same things with the no fans policy. According to ESPN, fans aren’t allowed inside of the ballpark at all. The MLB will strictly limit access to the ballpark on game-day.
The league provides COVID-19 tests and cleansing stations to every team, and each player must get a temperature check before each practice or game. Players have the option to wear a mask in game to help control the spread of the virus. However, anyone who is not in the game or is in the bullpen or in the dugout has to be wearing a mask.
“In my opinion I think that each player should be allowed to give out five tickets to anyone they want, to where they can social distance across the ballpark and enjoy a normal baseball game,” said Gaetano Gianni, varsity baseball coach.
The NFL starts its regular season on September 10, with no fans and specific coronavirus protocols. According to reports from Sporting News the NFL will not be using a “bubble” for the teams to be in, like the NBA and NHL have successfully used
There is some concern with the safety of the players and COVID-19 because of how much physical contact there is in football.
So far the numbers have been relatively low through the month of August, according to Sporting News. The NFL and its teams will continue with their season as long as players, coaches, and other staff members follow new precautions.
“It is important that these football teams follow all rules and protocols because if all goes well it shows that we can have a high school season without any problems,” said Jayden Bahoura, a sophomore.
Only time can tell whether these measures, meant to keep their seasons going and to keep players and other personnel safe, will be successful.