Details on the current state of fall sports


Miah Thirion

Calynne Rosholt, a senior, plays the final hole of the night.

Fall sports players have started practicing and are thinking about what their 2020 season will look like during COVID-19. Due to the current situation, this season is vastly different from any other. Teams are figuring out how to manage and keep playing during this time.
“Practices are going as well as expected in these times. The team is split up into two groups with different practice times every Monday and Wednesday,” said Noah Oliver, a varsity football player.
The football team stays six feet apart throughout practices, and when they do contact practice, they wear masks.
“Within the two separate practice groups, there are four groups of around 10 kids going to different stations that we rotate from,” said Oliver.
With football being a contact sport, players have been doing more conditioning with pads rather than other players as often as they can.
“We had tryouts August 20, and there were rounds with three or four girls in the gym at a time,” said Kennedi Bacon, a varsity pommie.
The pom team does not know if they will be able to attend games yet, but they have begun practice since team announcements on August 21.
“I don’t believe pom or cheer will be able to perform at games because they want the least amount of people as possible, and they wouldn’t have a crowd to hype up,” said Tate Andrus, a football player.
Opinions differ about pom and cheer being at games since there will be little or no crowd at events. Cheer is also only focusing on game cheer for the time being.
“I think the season will be ever changing, just like the whole world has been the past five plus months,” said Mike Hudnutt, the football coach.
According to an article from Arizona Sports about the fall 2020 season, the AIA, Arizona Interscholastic Association, the first football games are planned to be played from September 30 to October 3. Along with that, all fall sports are expected to have a championship.
“I honestly just want to play ball already, with or without fans, I just want to get on the field and play football,” said Hafeez Momoh, a varsity football player.
Most players just want their season to start already and to be able to play games. With other sports, such as golf, being able to start events earlier, contact sport players are upset about their season.
Nonetheless, the teams are persevering through this difficult time and just waiting for their fall game season to begin.