Styling Masks


Miah Thirion

Lukha Thirion, a freshman styles her mask by matching the pattern of the mask with a similar shirt.

2020 has become a new age of fashion that has adapted to our current global situation: a pandemic. Remembering to grab a mask every time you step out of your door has proven to be challenging. So, why not make it a fashion statement?
“I think masks have become a way to express yourself and it gives you another build board to spread a message. If you have to wear a mask, may as well rock it,” said Rachel O’grady, mask maker.
Using masks as another form of an accessory not only makes people more likely to wear them because of their fun colors and designs, but gives them another way to express themselves, potentially making a shift of how masks are viewed all together. Making people think less of masks being a requirement and more of a fun stylistic choice.
“I do it to stand out but I also do it because the disposable masks are really bad for the environment and I try to do what’s best for the environment especially during this time because everything is more sensitive,” said Blaine Ashby, a senior.
Not only are reusable masks better for the environment in the long run, but they are also a lot more interesting. Disposable masks are setting the feeling of wearing masks being a chore and less of an accessory. So why not wear a mask that not only gives you another way to express yourself but is also helping the environment and carbon footprint? Making that mind shift from chore to accessory could have a positive effect on the population.
“I think that if people can find something they like in the mask or something they would want to wear, it would definitely make people want to buy and wear the masks, and having ones that go with different outfits and for different occasions. I think that helps,” Jamie Zweig, a sophomore.
Having more of a variety of masks available to the public with different features and designs could potentially influence more people to wear and style their masks. Whether that be through pattern, color, decal, sports team, there are so many potential ways for masks to be styled to each individual.