Bread Making Becomes Popular During Stay-At-Home Order

Staying at home for long periods of time during this quarantine can get boring and you may find yourself having nothing to do. One way people have found to keep themselves entertained is by baking, but especially by baking bread. If you’re interested in making bread there are a lot of recipes specifically for it.
For beginners or intermediate level bread makers there are simple recipes that don’t take too much time to bake. Butter With a Side of Bread, tells you how to make a basic loaf of bread and gives step by step instructions with pictures attached.
“This is a good recipe for people who are beginners that enjoy classic sliced bread,” said Lizzy Shipley, a junior.
If you don’t want plain bread, but are also a beginner, has a recipe for sweet bread that only takes 8 ingredients and has very detailed instructions. Another recipe that is easy to make is April Bloomfield’s banana bread. This recipe calls for more ingredients than the others, but only takes 40-50 minutes to bake.
Unlike the easy recipes, here are some more challenging ones to make. King Arthur Flour’s recipe for croissants takes a total time of 4 hours and 30 minutes and has a lot of instructions to follow which can be hard for some. Le Creuset’s recipe for Dutch oven bread takes a while to prepare and will be somewhere around 4-6 hours to make.
Since, some people might not have any eggs at the moment because of them being very limited in stores, but they can still make bread even without the eggs. A recipe by Cafe Delites for easy dinner rolls requires no eggs or mixer. If you also don’t have yeast just laying around there’s a recipe without it too by Sally’s Baking Addiction.
“I’ve wanted to make bread in the past, but had no yeast and now that I know there is an easy recipe for it I’m gonna try it again,” said Savannah Schrader, a junior.
As a result, from being stuck at home for so long, some people have turned to hobby’s like learning how to bake bread. There are so many different recipes out there for making bread depending on what type or what level of baking you’re on. So it doesn’t matter if you have experience or not there’s a recipe for you.