Social distancing leaves more time for family

Social distancing is a good time to bond with family. During this time, people are not technically allowed to leave their homes unless it’s necessary. Normally, people spend a lot of their time out with friends more often than family. Since we’re not supposed to leave home, there’s no choice but to spend time with family. It’s a good time to bond and spend time with each other. Some families get creative and play quarantine games. The Coronavirus is new to everyone and in this time of uncertainty, family bonding is a great idea.
In the U.S., a popular way to keep in touch with family is through Zoom. Zoom is an app where you can make video calls with multiple people at once. Other than Zoom, families have also been keeping in touch through regular Face-Time and texting.
Non-digitally, families have plenty of ways to spend time with each other at home. That could be either playing board games or simply talking to each other more. One trend that has been going on is themed dinners. Basically, every night there is a new theme such as dressing up as TV characters or superheroes for dinner.
As good as it is to spend time with family, it can also get tiring. Quarantine has been going on since early March, which is a long time, especially to teenagers who just want to hang out with friends. Just because you’re trapped at home with family does not mean you still can talk to friends. Just like digitally-communicating with family, you can do the same with friends such as texting and facetime.
Being forced to spend time with family can be great in so many ways. Families now have a chance to bond more than they did before the virus started. You can learn more about each other, and have fun at the same time.