Tanning at home makes a comeback

Throughout this quarantine, many people have been taking advantage of their excess time to finally tan. However, finding products that help enhance a summer tan while also protecting the skin can be hard.
According to The Skin Cancer Foundation, anytime skin is becoming darker, it is also getting damaged, and the appearance of a tan is an increase of melanin that the cells release in order to protect the body from DNA damage. So, ensuring to use a tanning product that also protects the skin can be very important.
“That means using a broad-spectrum sunscreen labeled SPF 40 or higher, and reapplying it at least every two hours. Hats, sun-protective clothing and umbrellas can help, too,” said Jeanine Downie, a dermatologist in private practice in Montclair, N.J.
However, there are also other products that can help increase the results of a tan to prevent too much sun exposure while also providing the results that are wanted.
“I usually go lay outside and since we don’t have a pool, I spray myself and the area with the hose because water attracts the sun’s rays. Then I will use Hawaiian Tropic Dark Tanning Oil with 60 SPF. I usually spray that on and just lay out in the sun and listen to music,” said Mackenzie Zoerb, a junior.
Another way to achieve a summer tan is with the use of a tanning moisturizer or mousse. Applying it with a tanning mitt and leaving it on to develop for a certain amount of time can help develop the color that is wanted without spending any time in the sun.
“‘Tanned AF [a tanning mousse]’ leaves my skin glowy, feeling moisturized with a natural looking tan. I leave it on for about an hour while I lay out in the sun,” said London Ortega-Schmidt, a junior.
Overall, there are many ways to achieve the perfect summer tan while avoiding sun or staying safe in the sun.