Coronavirus Timeline

Staff writter Emma Weaver talks to Dr. Debbi Burdick, the Superintendent of CCUSD on what the district has done during the lockdown


Emma Weaver

Customers flood Target, after Duecy’s restrictions begin to lift. “I’ll probably take a lot of heat for this. but I think we could be reopening a little too soon. We don’t know enough about this thing yet,” said Dr. Chris McDaniel.

Governor Doug Ducey is pushing Arizona to reopen, reopening retail stores on May 8 and by May 12 restaurants will open for dining once again but with restrictions. Tables must be 6 feet apart, and servers should be wearing a mask and gloves when working. Yet schools are still closed for the rest of the academic school year.

“Many people think that “open is open.” That may not be the case for schools. For students with risk factors, staff with risk factors, and families that students go home to with risk factors, schools need to be mindful and cautious to make sure we are staying true to keeping everyone safe and well with limited exposure. This may mean more restrictions than those in the public sector,” said Dr. Debbi Burdick Superintendent of CCUSD.

According to the New York Times, 24 states have already reopened personal care facilities, restaurants, outdoor and recreational establishments. 6 states, including Arizona, plan to reopen in the upcoming week while 20 states with high cases remain in lockdown until the end of July to early August.

“Do I open just because everyone else is opening or do I do what’s right for me and my patients? It’s not me that I’m worried about, it’s the exposure between patients. In a grocery store it’s easy to practice social distancing. In a chiropractic office, not only are you laying on the same table that another patient was just laying on, but the interaction between me and my customers is hands-on. So caution really needs to be used,” said Dr. Chris McDaniel, owner of McDaniel Family Chiropractic.

The Center of Disease Control (CDC) predict that the 1,343,937 cases, as of May 9, will triple by July. Yet President Trump continues to move forward with his three phase plan and reopen the country.

“We are in the process of ordering PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) for staff. We have already had all sites deep cleaned but frequency of deep cleaning may need to increase as opposed to typical cleaning. If there is a second wave and schools are closed again, we will add additional online learning methods and will continue our Child Nutrition meals service,” said Burdick.

Ducey’s phased reopening appear to oppose the predictions of the experts in the Arizona Department of Health Services, who predict that the state’s peak of cases will arrive in mid-May. Which may force Arizona back into a other stay-at-home order if numbers of cases continue to substantially grow.

“I closed because of elevated risk factors for me and my family. I have a very rare form of auto-immune type 1 diabetes, and I could never forgive myself if I chose money over safety. My dad is 71 years old, diabetic and asthmatic. Is the money from a few adjustments worth possibly infecting my dad and his compromised immune system? No. Choose love over money, always,” said McDaniel.

The Washington Post reported that the White House guidelines recommend states delay reopening most nonessential businesses until they have seen a downward trajectory of cases over a 14-day period, which has yet to happen in Arizona.