Pandemic affects the fashion industry

As a society we tend to be aware of where our clothes come from, however we sometimes have a more obscure and limited view of the industry itself. With COVID-19 affecting everything all around the world, the Fashion industry is no exception. From advertising to unemployment the fashion industry has taken several hits since the widespread of the virus.
Just about every industry out there has felt the effects of COVID-19, the biggest being unemployment.
Retailers of all natures have closed, as a much encouraged precaution toward the virus, which causes a domino effect that leads into everything being affected from unemployment to fashion week itself. According to FashionUnited, over 1800 jobs have been lost in oasis, a discretionary retail store that focuses on specialized lines of apparel and accessories, alone.
Another way that the fashion industry was affected by COVID-19 was that the virus affected Italy at the worst time possible for the industry, Milan Fashion week. Men’s fashion week has been cancelled and is intended to be merged with women’s fashion week, which is expected to be held late September of this year. This cancelation has caused many well known design houses to postpone or completely cancel their shows and other events till next year: including Armani, Dior, Max Mara, Prada, Gucci, Versace, Chael, and more.
Most of the industry is based on events that include contact with other people, which is currently the number one thing that is strongly encouraged you avoid. For now, fashion week will have to be postponed until next year and fans as well as models are anticipating the return, but until then Netflix will have to be a suitable replacement.