How athletes staying fit during quarantine

Covid-19 has caused all sports to shut down. Athletes need to continue to stay in shape and are doing so in unique ways.
Social distancing guidelines have forced in-season athletes – particularly those without the luxury of a weight room in the house – to get creative with their fitness routines. Being limited to bodyweight exercises, cardio and yoga certainly is not ideal, but with some discipline it is possible to remain game ready. Many professional players have been given workouts that they can do at their home by their team.
Amature athletes are experiencing the same things. “My coach has given my whole club soccer team workouts for us to do while on break. A lot of the activities are very hard but that is the only thing that we can do to improve as a team,” said Jean Claude, a club soccer player.
Workouts given to the players all depend on the sport being played. For example, track runners are running around their houses and nearby to keep their endurance. CrossFit athletes are using their body weight to keep in shape.
Since many online stores are not shipping non-essential items, it is very hard to get equipment delivered. This is hard for some athletes because their sport requires specific resources to practice and to stay in shape. They have to come up with creative ways to replace their equipment with other items.
This break from sports is likely going to make many players rusty.