Gun sales surge during pandemic

Guns and ammunition sales are surging as the pandemic continues.

According to, their business experienced a 79.2% increase in revenue during the earlier days of the pandemic. Arizona ranked 6th among states with a 1079% increase in sales according to

“If you look at geography there are certain parts of the country where culturally guns are more accepted, certainly in the rural communities. In more populated areas where you have a heavy police presence, it’s difficult to understand why you would need a gun, the police are already available.” said Don Sullivan, a corporate executive and gun enthusiast.

This also includes many people joining in due to their emotional responses to the situation. “Many people choose to own firearms because of that desire for a sense of power, control, and protection of themselves, their loved ones, and their property\; and it makes sense that more people would be thinking about that during such insecure times.” said Danielle Eldracher, a local resident.
However, the majority of people buying guns for protection are not used to them.

“Most of the retailers are reporting that the majority of the people buying them [guns] are first time buyers. So my perspective is that there is a population of people who had no firearms or ammunition and as a result of COVID they had a sense of fear or anxiety,” said Sullivan.

The rise in sales has some people concerned that this ongoing trend during the pandemic might result in a dangerous situation.
“Though this trend makes sense considering the circumstances, it also has me very worried because of another trend that is universally common during times of crisis: the rise of domestic violence, which emerges from those same frustrations over loss of power and control. While guns do have the potential to offer protection, they can also more often lead to escalation of violence within homes to levels it would not otherwise reach. This is especially true in this particular situation in which people are unable to leave their homes and escape from toxic relationships during social isolation.” said Eldracher.

With the pandemic seeming to not end anytime soon, gun sales will continue to be on the rise along with the fears the virus has caused.