Got Sports?

What are networks airing now instead of sports?

Sports have been postponed due to COVID-19 and therefore there are no live games every day as usual, so what are sports networks such as ESPN airing right now?
Although there are no live games, sports fans can still enjoy the content ESPN is providing on TV. They have been airing iconic old basketball games for NBA fans to watch while the league is postponed as well as daily episodes of SportsCenter Specials which include sports news, highlights, and analysis. This special gives news from all sports\; the NFL, NBA, NHL, and more. The NFL draft was also recently televised featuring coaches on video chat from their homes picking players.
NBA: The Jump is another daily show aired on ESPN that discusses the lastest news specifically from the NBA and features NBA analysts and current players. Similar to that, there is a show just for the NFL called NFL Live.
While all of these shows are news related and involve hosts analyzing sports, there is also a new documentary being aired for sports fans as an alternative to the news shows. Last Dance is a documentary is a 10-part series that focuses on the Chicago Bulls from 1997 to 1998 and their iconic star Michael Jordan.
“My favorite part about the series is how in depth it goes into the player’s life outside of basketball,” said freshman Kyah Wynn. “It’s different from other documentaries because I’ve never watched one that is split up into 10 parts like this one.”
The documentary has already received much praise from the news media. “I recommend it because even if you don’t like basketball it is interesting to see what the NBA is like from a player’s perspective,” said Wynn.
Even without live games airing every night, sports fans can still find interesting and entertaining shows to watch to get their sports needs in.