Businesses still up and running

Staff writer Kaitlyn Cross explains how businesses in Cave Creek are staying afloat and how they have adapted to the pandemic.

Despite the fact that many businesses are completely closed, several establishments in Cave Creek have altered the way they do business in order to continue to serve the public. 

One example is Wilhelm Automotive, who has adapted new ways to run its business. 

“We’re offering concierge (pick-up and drop-off) service with no-touch/contactless delivery for those guests who cannot or will not travel otherwise,” said Jeffry Gardener, the director of Marketing. 

Gardner feels that still running businesses in alternate ways in response to being quarantined is the right thing to do. 

“It’s important that members of our community are able to get to work, receive medical attention, and run essential errands. We feel that it’s important to help keep our communities rolling.” Gardener said.

Restaurants have been forced to close sit-down services, but many are finding more ways than one to still serve their food. For example, Buffalo Chip is doing carry-outs, but it’s popular outdoor activities have been suspended. 

“We’re not allowing people indoors or outdoors on our property,” Larry Wendt, the owner of  Buffalo Chip said. 

He explained that they have handed out flyers and are active on the internet on sites such as Facebook.

Indian Village, a Cave Creek landmark, is allowing people inside to place carry-out food orders, and some customers also want to buy bandanas to use for face masks. 

The manager/owner of the Indian Village, who would identify himself only as “The Big Kahuna,” said that they are open for carry-outs, but no one is allowed to eat indoors. 

In the outdoor seating area, he claimed, “I’ve got everyone 30 feet apart almost, I’ve got tables separated.”  He continued to explain that he does not follow people out the door to watch what they do once they walk outside.

The BIg Kahuna also explained that he is not doing anything special to keep people who come in safe, “Oh hell fricken’ no!,” he said.

Businesses in Cave Creek are finding innovative ways to continue operating, and they are often doing so with a great sense of humor.