Places still open for takeout in the Creek

While restaurants are closed for sit-down service, there are many places still open for takeout


Courtesy of Foothills Foodbank

Harold’s Corral posted April 8th to Facebook on Harold’s Corral page

Despite all the closing of restaurants, most remain open for takeout and delivery during quarantine in Cave Creek. Places like Dutch Bros, Local Jonny’s, Grotto’s Cafe, Harold’s Cave Creek Corral, and others are still open, but only for take-out.
“I have gone to the grocery store, Three Regions, and Jalapeños to pick up,” said Kennedy Brandon, sophomore.
Most people need such services to be able to go about their usual lives, such as grocery shopping. Some places require people to call ahead and stay in the car while they come out and deliver the food, but for other places, people are required to walk in the restaurant for pick up, such as Panda Express.
“I had to place my order in advance so that I could walk in and pick up my food,” said Korie Brown, freshman.
A majority of restaurants and supply shops distribute using delivery services such as UberEats, Postmates, DoorDash, etc. Even Uber is giving free rides and deliveries for frontline healthcare workers, seniors, and people in need.

Dutch Bros: 4.5 stars
Hours: 5AM – 11PM
Prices are the same, ranging from $1.75 – $6.50
Local Jonny’s: 4.6 stars
Hours: 8AM – 2:30PM
Prices are reasonable and not too expensive
Grotto’s Cafe: 4.7 stars
Hours: 7AM – 3PM
Same prices as Local Jonny’s
Harold’s Cave Creek Corral: 4.4 stars
Hours: 11AM – 8PM
Average prices from their takeout menu