Trump wants NBA to jumpstart economy

Trump’s latest on restarting the economy is not a jump stop – it is quite the opposite, actually. Adam Silver and the NBA want to work with him to jump-start the economy.
“I don’t see how the NBA could help much. Especially because it’s going to be a long time before we are able to be in crowds again,” said Andrea Daly, an English teacher.
Many people want the NBA league office to determine a way to safely finish this season and crown a winning team. This may look like playing games with no crowds and televising them.
“I would love if they did [finish this season] because basketball is my favorite but I think it’s better if they didn’t until everyone was under control, even if they only played with the team and… no audience I feel like that would still pose a threat,” said Kenadee Fronstin, a freshman.
Safety is at the forefront of decisions being made to jump-start the economy. Dr. Anthony Fauci believes that “the virus sets the timeline, not us.”
If states reopen too soon, there could be a second wave of infections. However, if states reopen too late, there could be more devastating economical consequences than have already occurred.
“People are very vocal about reopening states and letting people choose when they shelter or not. But, if we look at how other countries have handled things, China reopened after having no new cases for a couple of days, everyone went out, and then a second wave hit,” said Daly.
Concerns have risen over whether or not the NBA is sufficient to jump-start the economy. Without selling tickets, the only foreseeable way they could profit is by selling fan gear or things like that. Also, all industries must work together instead of just one.
“One industry is not enough to restart the economy, everyone will need to work together in order for our economy to go back together,” Daly said.
All in all, the way COVID-19 will play out in the next few weeks will likely forecast economic decisions within the coming months.