Students should not receive the stimulus check

The Coronavirus stimulus check should only go out to adults because it will mainly be used for bills, groceries, and other necessities.
If all normal teenagers received the check, most of them would not be using it to help out their parents in buying necessities. I know if I got 500 or 1200 dollars in my bank account for doing nothing right now, I would go blow it on clothes and video games. I could say the same for most of my friends.
Parents get 500 per child age 16 or younger. The reason kids do not receive and should not receive that money is that they are not the ones paying the bills or buying all the essential things. Students simply just do not need the money, even if they got the money and used it to help the family, it would make more sense to just give the money to the parents.
Students are dependent on their parents whether or not they have an income. Their parents still pay for the roof over their heads and for the food they eat. Teens do not need money for anything right now, they should be working on school and spending time inside.
Independent adults are using the money for rent, groceries, gas, and more. Adults that are living with their parents are not getting the check because they are not paying for the bills to live in the house. If an adult or student is a greater expense to their parents than they are to themselves, then they should not receive the stimulus check.
One could say giving teens the stimulus check would help boost the economy because they would be spending the money on things that they would normally buy. Technically, that would help boost the economy, but at the end of the day, the money would be better spent by parents on bills, groceries, and all other essentials.
Regardless of if a teen lives in a poor community and they have jobs to support their family, I still think the money should go to the parents. Parents pay for the essentials and sure, some teens may be helping out with the bills using the money from their jobs, but giving money to teens that are going to use it for helping parents with bills is pointless if the IRS could just give it to independent adults.