Nothing to do? Try an online cooking class

During the quarantine, many people are running out of things to do. Here’s an opportunity to learn how to cook something new.


Chef Ramsay has become a celebrity, with many people paying a lot of money to take a class.

During the Covid-19 nationwide quarantine, people are choosing to take up cooking as a learning opportunity while being stuck at home. An easy way to learn cooking is through Gordon Ramsay’s Master classes.
Ramsay teaches how to make many different recipes at home. There are twenty lessons out right now with about twelve minutes in each episode. It costs $180 to have access to all twenty classes. For one class, it is $90.
“I like cooking, but I don’t think it’s worth spending $90 on one lesson that is only twelve minutes long,” said Haylee Hewitt, a freshman at Colorado State University.
Another famous chef, Tyler Florence, offers cooking recipes and short videos on Food Network’s Youtube channel. The videos are free to watch.
“I’m a big fan of cooking shows, so learning how to cook those things for free is really cool,” said Taylor Nupoff, a junior.
There are videos that support all levels of knowledge in cooking.
For the people who like baking more than cooking, there are videos about pastries. Pastry chef, Caitlyn Jarvis, posts videos of her baking tutorials. There are many other chefs that have been posting baking tutorials on social media platforms, such as Instagram. On, there are many videos by other chefs that can be accessed very easily. They give step by step instructions on what to do from start to finish.
Some of the chefs that are posting paid tutorials and all the money goes to a good cause. The money goes to funding for Covid-19. This shows that chefs,who know they have a high following, are using the proceeds they’re making because of quarantine to combat Covid-19.
After quarantine, there may be an uptick of people who emerge claiming to be able to cook because of their inspiration from watching famous chefs, while having been stuck at home. There are many different online classes with different types of food to cook, so people can find the ones that work best for them. It is a great way to productively spend your time in quarantine, just have to make sure the supplies you need aren’t out of stock at the grocery store.