Editorial: Celebrities need to step up

When a celebrity posts about a cause and asks their fans to donate, they should be the first one to do it.

Avianna Hoppes, Editor-in-chief

In the wake of the recent wildfires in Australia, many celebrities took to social media to show their support for those affected by the fires. Most notably, Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian tweeted out their own thoughts of support; however, they were met with major backlash as fans claimed they should be doing more to help the situation. There is absolutely nothing wrong with someone who wants to voice their support, especially when they are a celebrity who has a large following, but they should then do something about it after telling others to do the same. 

It is very hypocritical of a rich celebrity to publicly tell fans to donate money to a cause but not actually donate the money themselves. In the case of Kylie Jenner, many people pointed out the hypocrisy of the situation. She tweeted out her support of the wild animals being affected by the fires (claiming she wants to save the animals), but then the next day, she was posting about her new, non-faux, fur slippers. She should not be obligated to donate to every single disaster, but there is definitely a problem with her telling her fans to donate (without donating herself) and then promoting the exact opposite of what she said the day before. Kylie Jenner is just one of many examples of this hypocrisy in the world of celebrities. 

Celebrities should be the first ones to donate, especially since they are the ones with all the money. Many fans have no problem pointing out the irony of the situation when a celebrity pretends to care by sending out a tweet in honor of the wildfires but does not actually donate money or use their platform.

There are celebrities and professional athletes who not only donate, but have started their own charities—and good for them, but there are also many famous people who do it for the image. Certain celebrities, such as the Kardashians, have been known to make their charity work very public because it makes them seem like a good person. It has to do more with helping their public image instead of helping for a good cause. The Kardashians, like many other celebrities who are just as guilty, have plenty of money. Instead of telling their followers to donate money, they should actually donate the money themselves. The issue is that the celebrities who do donate or do charity work make it very public. People in the public eye care more about their image and reputation than they do about actually helping people. 

Overall, celebrities should not be required or feel obligated to donate money every time a disaster happens. It is unrealistic to think every single famous person would donate to every single charity.  However, when they send out a GoFundMe link, they should be the first ones to donate. Since they have stature, they need to lead by example. In times of crisis, celebrities should use their platform and large following in a positive way that helps the community and creates change, instead of using that platform to promote their new makeup line.