Places to Visit on Valentine’s Day

Miah Thirion, Style Editor

As Valentine’s Day quickly approaches, many couples start to wonder how to spend this holiday with their other half or friends. Valentine’s Day plans usually consist of dinner or going on a regular date, however, something that people do not always think about doing is taking a day trip. 

“My favorite day trip to take is going to Sedona or Prescott. I enjoy going upstate because it has cooler weather and the views are beautiful,” said Janet Wells, English teacher.

There are many options for day trips from Scottsdale. According to an article written by Jeff Ficker in Travel and Leisure magazine, “within [a] two-hour drive, you could be hiking the red rocks of Sedona, skiing in Flagstaff, exploring the ancient Native American ruins of Casa Grande or wandering the old mining town of Jerome.”

One of the most popular spots for day trips currently is Humboldt Mountain. Only an hour drive from Cactus Shadows, it offers a view and has grown very popular among students looking to take pictures. 

“I really like going there because not only is it close, but it has a really pretty view. Just driving up there is really fun too. I like going with friends,” said Chloe Talbert, a junior. 

Another day trip spot is Kartchner Caverns. It is only a three hour drive from Cactus Shadows, and offers plenty of caves that are still forming, an array of mineral formations, and stalagmites.

“My favorite part is that it isn’t spoiled. They are very careful about preserving it,” said Wells. 

If looking for a shorter day trip, Sedona is another option. Only an hour and 40 minutes from Cactus Shadows, Sedona is surrounded by red sandstone cliffs. There are many options for things to do, such as hiking or spending time exploring around  shops in the town.

“I like going to Sedona. We usually go and hike, then go hot tubbing at a hotel and then we get dinner at Oregano’s,” said Talbert. 

Going on a day trip for Valentine’s Day allows for new experiences and memories.

“I think that going on a trip with friends or your significant other on Valentine’s Day is a good idea because Valentine’s Day is all about love and spreading love. Spending a day exploring a new place together would be really fun,” said Mackenzie Zoerb, a junior.

With Arizona having plenty of places to travel to that are within a few hours, going on a day trip offers brand new experiences and an opportunity to make new memories.