Food frenzy in the Creek


Logan McDade

The arrival of Sprouts is welcomed by residents. Dutch Bros., Chipotle, and MOD Pizza also opened recently.

Colin Mesenbrink, Staff Writer

Two new restaurants and a Sprouts grocery store just opened on Cave Creek road and Carefree Highway, giving locals more places to eat and shop.

“A lot of kids here like Chipotle, and it is really close so it’s very convenient for them. If they have some job that they have to go to, then they can just stop by. It is a drive through as well. So, it would be very quick for them to get some food and head to their job,” said Josh Hernandez, a sophomore and employee at the new Chipotle. 

The restaurants opening include Chipotle and MOD Pizza, along with the Sprouts that opened on February 19. These options will provide great convenience for people living in the Cave Creek area and will attract a lot of customers. Chipotle and MOD Pizza are located less than five minutes away from campus, giving students new places to eat after school. The area will give the town of Cave Creek more attention, inviting more people to come visit and grow Cave Creek as a whole. 

“I like the food areas. I like to have the variety to go out to eat. I know during our professional development, a lot of staff members like to go out to something quick and easy so I’m sure Chipotle would get there. It’s not one of the places that serves coffee in the morning, so I do not think it will affect tardiness. I’m all for it,” said James Swetter, the principal.

The openings of these businesses could potentially cause more tardies, like the opening of the Dutch Bros nearby did. The area that the restaurants are being built in could attract more restaurants or stores because of the location and land around it. 

“I think it will provide a lot of jobs for different kids at the school. I feel like it will make it a lot more convenient because the Sprouts are there. It is easier to get there, rather than the one far away,” said Cooper Lake, a sophomore who was recently hired by Chipotle.

With the new openings, students are provided with more job openings and have the opportunity to be some of the first employees in the company. The new Sprouts will provide some competition to existing grocery stores, such as Fry’s and Safeway. Sprouts has different brands with a focus on healthier foods and nutritional well-being than the Fry’s or Safeway. 

“In my opinion, I think both grocery stores provide different services. Sprouts is more for produce, fruits and vegetables. Fry’s is more for your everyday stuff. So, I think both companies will keep their business,” said Lake. 

The new additions of Chipotle, MOD Pizza and Sprouts will help Cave Creek boom over the next few months, drawing more attention to the town. Citizens now have more food and grocery options, giving them more variety than they had in the past.