Lexi’s Passion

Devin Dorough, food editor

Lexi Horner, a junior at Cactus Shadows, has a passion for all kinds of art. She’s been involved in art for as long as she can remember.

Horner’s style of art is hard to describe, as she tries to not stick to one genre and expands her horizons to anything she can think of. 

“Lexi’s art can be dark and intense, but still captivating and beautiful. The way she expresses her art really catches your eye and you can see how personal it is,” said Megan Hinsberg, a junior and good friend of Horner.

The styles of her art changed throughout the years, reflecting how she has grown as an artist. However, some things have remained the same. Since she was a kid, her favorite subjects to draw have been flowers and skulls. 

“I’ve been drawing my whole life, and, as times go on, I’ve learned new ways to express my art that come with getting older and more creative,” said Horner.

Horner is mostly self taught, she has always enjoyed making her art herself and not focusing on what others think. She has taken some art classes at school.

“When Lexi was in my class, I noticed she was determined and accepted challenges to become a better artist, she was constantly improving herself,” said Deborah Wales, one of Horner’s art teachers. 

Earlier in high school Horner did take art classes, but she does not take classes anymore because she likes being able to draw what comes to her, not what she’s assigned. In Horner’s eyes, technique is important for drawing, but art is a way of expressing yourself, and that is something you learn to do yourself.

Horner’s preferred technique is the pen. Dots and shading are a big part of her drawings, which she uses to give the art more character. A big influence to her art comes from Lucas David.

“He does creepy stuff while incorporating people involved in the punk music scene,” said Horner.

Like many artists, procrastination can be overwhelming. The most challenging part for Horner is finishing pieces.

 “If my art doesn’t look exactly how I want it to, it’s hard for me to finish the piece and I start over or put the piece away unfinished,” said Horner

Horner plans to create art the rest of her life. Art has a lot of meaning in her life and she even thinks about careers in the future where she could practice her craft.

“I have thought about being a tattoo artist for a really long time. It’s a good way to express my art, and I’d love to have a job getting paid for what I love to do,” said Horner. 

While she is unsure of what the future holds for her art, she plans to start sharing more of her art through her social media.