TikTok sisters rise to stardom

Hayley Smith

Hailing from Norwalk, Connecticut, Charli and Dixie D’Amelio are two sisters that have recently become internet sensations on the video sharing app TikTok. The sisters earned their fame from posting dancing and lip-syncing videos.

Dixie, the oldest of the two, is 18 years old and has gained 12 million followers on TikTok. She is 18 years old and has 12.0 million followers on Tik Tok. 

Along with other popular Tik Tok creators, Dixie is a member of the Hypehouse, an L.A. mansion where well-known TikTok stars collaborate and create content together. Her long-term goal is becoming a successful model. 

With 31 million followers on the app, her 15-year-old sister Charli surpasses her follower count by about 18 million followers. 

Charli started her dance career at the young age of 5, and still continues to compete today. Charli hopes to become a professional dancer when she’s older. She doesn’t exactly know why or how she became famous, but she’s been enjoying all of the new opportunities that her fame has brought. 

She makes approximately $23,000 per sponsored Tik Tok, and most of her fans on the platform are teenage boys. 

In November of 2017, she held a meet-and-greet in her hometown of Norwalk, charging $100 per ticket. After receiving backlash about the price of tickets, she publicly stated that the purpose of the event was to raise money for charity. 

Recently, the media has been obsessed with Charli’s romantic life as she began a relationship with Chase Hudson, another TikTok star and member of the Hypehouse. 

Some of Charli’s biggest accomplishments include being featured in an appearance in a Super Bowl commercial for the company Sabra, dancing alongside Bebe Rexha at the Jonas Brothers’ Happiness Begins Tour in New York, and signing with UTA, an entertainment agency.