SAT and ACT remain important placement tests

Kolton O’Connor, staff writer

The SAT and ACT are very important tests for any student trying to get into a four-year university because most of them require a certain score for either test.
“I took the SAT twice because I did not like the score I got the first time,” said Hoveeg Boyadjian, a math teacher.
One of the most common tests that universities utilize is called the SAT, which stands for Scholastic Aptitude Test. The test has been around for over 25 years, and colleges use this test as a benchmark to compare all of the applicants. In addition, it is also useful to colleges because, if a student is admitted, it will affect their SAT averages.
Another exam that universities use is called the ACT or the American College Test. The ACT has the same purpose as the SAT, but there are some slight differences between the two.
“I took the SAT because I’m not that good at science, and I thought that I could get a better score if I took the SAT,“ said Ryan Wintermeier, a sophomore
The differences between the two tests is that, the ACT is shorter and more math and science oriented, while the SAT is more complex and more language and vocabulary orientated. While some students take the test they think matches their strength better, it is important to check with each school, because some colleges will only accept one or the other.
“I took the mock ACT and the PSAT because I wanted to see what the test would look like,” said Connor Lund, a sophomore.
Practice tests such as the mock ACT and the PSAT are very useful tests as well, so that one can have a benchmark of what they need to study, all while undergoing realistic testing conditions.
“One of the strategies I used on the test was to break it into chunks. The ones I knew, I did those first, and then, once I finished those, I moved on to the ones I did not know, because you don’t have a lot of time on the test,” said Boyadjian.
There are many programs that help students study and prepare for the SAT and ACT. There are websites that can help with test taking strategies and offer advice about time management. Some also offer resources to help with sending test scores to universities.
“I’m taking both because some colleges prefer the SAT and some prefer the ACT, so I just figured that I should prepare for both,” said Lund.
SAT and ACT tests are used by universities to compare all of the applicants, as well as compare their students with students from other universities. While the SAT is more common in the west coast, colleges from all over the country use it.