Cleaning commences for the spring

A centuries-old tradition lives on and flourishes amid Coronavirus panic

Miah Thirion

As the weather gets less cold, the motivation for people to clean their living spaces can seemingly come out of nowhere. 

The tradition of spring cleaning began in the 1800’s with housewives who would clean out their homes because, according to the Washington Post, winter “left a layer of soot and grime in every room.” It became a springtime tradition of housewives because in many states, cleaning the home is difficult to do in the cold weather and snow. 

However, this tradition has continued for generations because people naturally adapt to change with the seasons. 

“I like having a clean home when the warmer weather starts coming. It feels like a fresh start and it’s nice because everything is a lot more organized,” said Grace Hunter, a junior.

Because this has become a tradition, many influential women have jumped to the opportunity to share their favorite spring cleaning tips. An example of one of these women is Martha Stewart.

One of her tips include creating a realistic cleaning schedule for cleaning, and making a list of what to clean in each room. 

Creating a schedule will help with time management so that more can be accomplished. 

“My biggest tip would be that if you haven’t used it or worn it, and it hasn’t had a purpose in a year it goes. I have also heard about the concept that if something doesn’t bring you joy, you can declutter your life by getting rid of it,” said Julie Binnicker, an English teacher.

Another woman that has jumped to the opportunity of sharing her tips on cleaning is Marie Kondo. This past year, her Netflix show Tidying Up with Marie Kondo made headlines. In her Netflix series, she assists several clients to tidy up their homes and provides tips for viewers on how to declutter using her KonMari method. 

“Her show taught me ways to get rid of items that I don’t have an attachment to and I learned a lot of new organization skills,” said Wyatt Eide, a junior.

As people declutter their homes and complete their spring cleaning, they can run into items that they no longer want or find the need for. There are many ways to dispose of these unwanted items, including giving them to shelters or donating to thrift stores. 

“I try to recycle and repurpose, so I give those items to family members, friends, or other organizations. Some of the organizations in Cave Creek that I like to donate to are Kiwanis, Puppy Love, and Foothills Animal Rescue. I try to give to places that are non profits and give back to the community,” said Binnicker.

Completing spring cleaning can also have other benefits. According to, a lifestyle blog, benefits of spring cleaning include the increase of productivity and focus, the reduction of stress, and it can also increase health. 

In a study completed by the American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology (ACAAI), removing allergens from the home by doing spring cleaning will reduce chances of sickness when allergens increase because of the change of seasons.

“When my mom and I do spring cleaning in our house it usually helps to prevent the allergies I get when spring actually comes around,” said Hunter.

So, spring cleaning can be a positive thing for many people as it helps to declutter their homes, and it can also have many other health benefits.