Learning to love management

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Learning to love management

Raven Ramirez, staff writer

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One of the challenges most students face is how to get everything done. From getting schoolwork done, to attending sports practice, school club meetings and jobs, time management is key to keep it all together.

First, it can be helpful to list all of the events and activities that have to get done.

Once that is finished, ranking the list in order of what is most important to least important can save time.

By doing this, one will be able to get crucial plans completed first, and smaller events finished later on. After completing each item on the list, make sure to check them off.  This helps create a feeling of accomplishment and relief from getting the job done. One way to help keep organized is to use a planner.

“I think an agenda is a vital to their academic success. It helps pace their instruction and it also helps them stay on track with time management,” said Kelly Frazey, a World History and IB History teacher.

Agendas can be a big help to organizing future dates. Planning these days out ahead of time can also be a big help. Writing down all of the important tasks that need to be completed so they will not be forgotten is beneficial.

“I use a planner everyday. I write all of my homework down, and my assignments and tests. I’ve actually got the entire months of April and May planned around, such as the practice tests and the IB tests that are next month,” said Rena Jakway, a senior and IB student.

Event planning one’s dates for the next month in a planner is useful.

Listing different priorities and goals for the week may be a help, because setting goals will help one reach it and be able to check it off of the to-do list.

“I do agree that organization will help people get into college. If you stay organized, and you get your stuff done on time, then you are going to be able to keep your grades up, and it’s just going to be so much less stress,” said Jordan Anderson, a senior and IB student.

Time is something that can cause many obstacles in life, but with practice, it can become easier to manage.

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