Tennis teams hope for state

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Tennis teams hope for state

Morgan Reimer, life editor

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In the upcoming season of spring sports, both girls and boys tennis teams are practicing their skills in the hopes of another top notch season. Head coaches Jill McLyn (girls) and Luke Scott (boys) are prepared to take their teams to the next level.

There are approximately 16 players on the girls team, and eight players on the boys. Last year, the boys tennis team finished in the semi-finals for team state, but lost in the individual play.

“I think as long as we’re working hard and playing up to our potential we should have a great season. If we can get back to that level and get to the finals, I’m happy with that,” said Scott.

Parallel to the boys team, the girls tennis team made it to the state finals and placed second, losing to Catalina Foothills. This season, they lost almost half of their team on varsity, but with three returning varsity players, McLyn is confident they will remain strong.

“Our team is pretty young, but I still think we have a lot of talent. Of course I’d like to make it back to the state finals and try to win, but I just want the girls to have fun, and get better each week,” said McLyn.

Danielle Quenzler, a senior on girls varsity and co-captain of the team alongside Sydni Reimer, has been playing school tennis since her freshman year. This year will be her fourth year of earning a varsity letter.

“My parents started me off when I was really tiny. I played a little bit for a few years, but I really got serious about it in eighth grade. I’ve learned perseverance on and off the court, and I’m just excited to have a great season,” said Quenzler.

Harry Carrozza, a senior on boys varsity is ready for another season of success, and is prepared to work hard for his final year on the team.

“We have to take four trips to Prescott and Flagstaff, so those are always fun, just socializing and riding on the bus. And for me, tennis, I just like to have fun on the court, just run around, and show off my skills,” said Carrozza.

The girls and boys teams practice five times a week after school, from two o’clock to either four or four thirty. With eight courts to play on, both teams receive lots of hands on practice.

This year, the biggest rivals will be Notre Dame. The girls team defeated them last year, but are expecting a major comeback. Co-captain and senior Sydni Reimer is ready for the challenge.

“The whole team is just so supportive of one another. We work hard each practice so that during a match we can rise above another team. I’m so excited to spend my last season with all my teammates,” said Reimer.

Both the boys and girls tennis teams are preparing for another tough season, but are ready to perform their best skills as the season progresses.