Sports can cause academic pain

Grant Richardson, staff writer

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Playing sports make academics suffer. Being involved with sports makes it hard to focus on school much more than people who do not play sports.

The times of their practices also make a difference because they are taking at least a couple hours out of the night to go and practice. Depending on how far away some away games the players might have to leave school early.

Instead of having all your focus on school and your education some of your focus is on playing sports. After school, the athletes go home and get ready to go to practice. For the people who have practice later in the night are probably not doing homework right when they get home because not many high schoolers do that.

When a teenager focused on other things rather than school, it is easy for them to forget some minor assignment. On their way home from a practice and when they get home, the athlete is often thinking about how they did at practice not about what homework they still have to do. Playing sports can easily get a student distracted from their school work.

Having practices late at night can affect a student’s grades in a big way. Staying up late doing homework constantly is not good for teenagers because they need a lot of sleep. If they do not get enough sleep they would end up being tired in class and not be able to pay attention.

Not being able to pay attention in class does nothing good for grades. As much sleep as they can get will be not only be good for their school performance but they will also have more energy for their sport.

In some scenarios athletes need to leave school early to get to an away game. They could miss out on their last period or even more classes. Constantly leaving class early can make them fall behind and then they have to catch up.

The athletic department or the coaches should be more strict on the athletes grades. Having restrictions on their grades will make the realize that they need to work hard inside the classroom to be able to play.

Athletes who are involved in sports need to stay focused on their grades. Their sport could occupy them for a while and make their grades suffer.