Players look ahead to college softball

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Players look ahead to college softball

Raven Ramirez, staff writer

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Softball is one of the many sports played in the spring at the school and has just come to a start. There have been a few girls that have received a softball scholarship.

Varsity has played three away games and two home games so far and they are also scheduled to play the Apollo Cool Nights Tournament March 5th-9th. One of the games the varsity team played against Sunrise Mountain, they took a loss 5:9. They took the win against Higley with a score of 16:4. They also played against Verrado, 7:4, taking the win back home. JV has played three home games and two away games so far this season. They have played Horizon, Verrado, Higley, and Sunrise Mountain.

The head coach of the team is Gracie Goulder, a life skills teacher at Cactus Shadows. She has been coaching the varsity softball team going on four years now and has taught at Cactus Shadows for three years.

“I actually played softball at Cactus Shadows and I went to the university of Georgia for a year playing softball and then I went to UCLA for my last 3 years and played there,” said Goulder. Adam Hillier, an algebra 1-2 teacher, is the assistant coach. The JV coach is David Anderson and their athletic trainer is Joe Harvey.  

All of the spring sports began on Monday, February 4th after tryouts were held. During the softball tryouts, all of the girls went over conditioning to defensive and offensive skills as well as how to apply these skills to a live game. JV And Varsity girls practice Monday-Friday however varsity practices at a different time, except on Wednesdays, when they all practice together.

One of the girls that received a softball scholarship was Kaylee Moore, a transfer senior. This softball player has been playing for twelve years and she is currently on varsity softball. She will be attending North Dakota State University next year. She first verbally committed to this college her sophomore summer and she recently signed her NLI(National Letter Of Intent) in November. The NLI is written proof that a certain person will be attending their college.

“I’m super excited to go to college because I’ve always dreamed of getting to play at the next level and playing the game I love while recovering a higher education,” said Moore.

Even though she came to a new school, she still achieved something she has dreamed of.

Another softball player that has received a scholarship is McKenna Leamon, a senior. She has been playing softball ever since fourth grade and she is attending St. Edward’s University in Austin, Texas, which is a division two school. Leamon’s scholarship is a fifty percent academic scholarship and the other fifty percent is for athletics and she is getting all of her tuition paid for. This college team gets to travel and they have already traveled to Utah this season.

“I love Gracie, she is always just positive and she never really gets too down on us. I also like how we break it down usually at the beginning and then we build off of what skills we already have,” said Leamon.

Leamon verballed to the school last year in January, 2018 and then November 14th of 2018 is when she actually signed to go to St. Edward’s.

This softball season will be all of the seniors’ last year of playing high school softball and then they will go on to playing college softball.